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Technical Printing & Use Information


Made from 100% pure cotton, SAVOY blends old world elegance with new world sophistication making it the perfect choice for a wide range of projects from identity packages and invitations to luxury packaging. Its sumptuous, elegant look and feel is perfectly formulated for:

Letterpress Printing
Digital Printing
Offset Printing
Scoring & Folding
Blind Embossing
Die Cutting
Ink Jet
Envelope Conversion

SAVOY 80# text and matching envelopes are ink jet and laser compatible.

SAVOY is tree free, acid free, recyclable, biodegradable, and elemental chlorine free.


Caliper: Caliper is a measure of the thickness of a sheet of paper (1 pt. = 1/1000 of an inch). Below is a list of basis weights and corresponding calipers of SAVOY. All Reich Paper grades are manufactured to a basis-weight standard, not to caliper. Calipers here (and in stock charts) are provided for reference, but may vary slightly from run to run, as is typical for any paper. If caliper is critical to your project, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

SAVOY Weight


Target Caliper

80# Text


8 pts.

92# Cover


16 pts.

118# Cover


20 pts.

184# DT Cover


30 pts.

236# DT Cover


40 pts.




Inks: Standard offset inks may be used when printing on SAVOY. Because it is manufactured from 100% pure cotton, SAVOY is very absorbent and will dry considerably faster than our other specialty papers.

(If mottling occurs when printing certain colors, it may be helpful to add opaque white to ink formulation).

Laser: SAVOY is suitable for laser printing. As for any paper, pretesting is essential as performance may vary from one printer to another.

Ink Jet: SAVOY is suitable for both monochrome and color ink jet printing, but results may vary from one printer to another. As always, it is important to pretest on the actual printer to be used.

Digital: SAVOY 80# Text, 92# Cover and 118# Cover have been successfully run on Xerox iGen, Kodak NexPress, Konica Minolta, as well as most other toner based digital presses. Though our SAVOY Brilliant White Digital HP 118# Cover and Natural White Digital HP 118# Cover are too thick to attain HP certification, we stock both in 19 x 13 and 18 x 12, both of which can produce beautiful results with HP Indigo digital presses.

Design and PrePress

Design and PrePress: Our paper stock charts list all sheet sizes with grain direction last. As for all papers, binding and folding SAVOY parallel to the grain direction is always recommended.

Dot Gain: Printing on SAVOY will result in similar dot gain as printing on other uncoated paper. Expected dot gain on SAVOY will be approximately 15%.

Line Screen: In general, line screens ranging from 150-175 are used for printing on SAVOY.

On Press

Storage & Handling: As for all papers, avoid exposing SAVOY to extreme humidity or temperature conditions.

Spray Powder: Normal spray powder may be used when printing on SAVOY.


Varnish & Aqueous Coating: As with all papers, varnishing or aqueous coating SAVOY after printing can help to protect the printed area.

Foil Stamping: SAVOY foil stamps beautifully. As with most processes, we strongly recommend pre-testing as there are many variables (types of foils, complexity of the design, pressure, environment, etc…)

Scoring & Folding: SAVOY 80# Text, 92# cover, and 118# cover will score and fold beautifully. These SAVOY weights (80# text, 92# cover, 118# cover) should be scored prior to folding, to ensure the best possible fold. As for all papers, folding with the grain direction is preferred. We recommend a rounded channel score with a minimum width of 2.5 times the caliper of the sheet. SAVOY 80# text,  92# cover and 118# cover are single-ply papers (not pasted) making SAVOY cover weights ideal for converting and packaging applications.  SAVOY Double Thick 236# cover is a pasted paper (2 x 118# covers pasted together) and therefore will not score and fold like our single-thick papers..

Binding: Binding should always run parallel to the grain direction.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the Printing and Use information included here, or need information about any other topics. We have endeavored to address most aspects of printing and use here; however we do not accept liability for any errors or omissions. Should you have any questions, or need any additional information, please contact us at 718.748.6000.


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