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Offset: SHINE’s lustrous effect is intended to be visible through the printed image, though heavy ink densities may somewhat diminish the effect. SHINE is less absorbent than standard uncoated papers, so general process inks are not compatible with this specialty stock. Drying times will be longer than for standard papers, and this should be factored into the production schedule.

Inks: SHINE is a specialty substrate, and conventional inks are not suitable for printing on this stock. Fully-oxidizing or UV-curing inks must be used when offset printing on SHINE. Drying results will be faster for UV inks than for fully-oxidizing inks.

Laser: SHINE is suitable for laser printing. As for any paper, pretesting is essential as performance may vary from one printer to another.

Ink Jet: SHINE is suitable for both monochrome and color ink jet printing, but results will vary from one printer to another. As always, it is important to pretest on the actual printer to be used.

Digital: SHINE Pearl Digital and Champagne Digital 80# Text and 107# Cover, as well as Silver Digital 80# Text and 92# Cover are certified for use on HP Indigo digital presses. Standard SHINE has been run successfully on other various digital presses, such as Kodak NexPress,  Xerox iGen, Xerox 800-1000 and Konica Minolta C6500.