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Genuine Felt Finish: Genuine-felt papers, also called true felts, are manufactured using fabric blankets on the wet end of the paper machine. Genuine felts like ODEON typically have a slight difference in finish between the felt and the wire side, and this is to be expected. Additionally, text-weight felt finishes will always differ somewhat from cover-weight finishes; this is because the felt marking blankets cannot press as deeply into the thinner text-weight stock as they can into the thicker cover stock.

Please note that two ODEON colors, Gala and Vintage, both feature a felt finish on one side only; the other side is smooth. All other colors in the ODEON line have texture on both sides of the sheet.

Compared to embossed-finish papers, which are extremely compressed, felt-finish sheets are somewhat more absorbent, as well as more dimensionally stable.

Offset: Cosmo, Deco, Patina and Smoke all have pearlized surfaces, which will show through most printing inks. Please note, however, that heavy ink densities may somewhat diminish the effect. The other two colors in the ODEON line, Gala and Vintage, both feature a traditional felt-finish surface.

Inks: The entire ODEON line may be printed using standard offset inks. As the pearlized surfaces of Cosmo, Deco, Patina and Smoke are somewhat “sealed”, these sheets will absorb less ink than Gala and Vintage, and therefore may require slightly more time to dry, though the difference should be minimal. Fully-oxidizing inks or UV-curing inks are also suitable for use on ODEON (as they are for all papers), and will provide faster drying results than standard inks.

Laser: ODEON 84# text and envelopes are suiitable for laser printing. As for for any paper or envelope, pretesting is essential as performance may vary from one printer to another.

Ink Jet: ODEON 84# text envelopes are suitable for ink jet printing, but results may vary from one printer to another. As always, it is important to pretest on the actual printer to be used.