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Offset: CT’s natural translucency is achieved through super-refining the fibers, which results in an extremely dense sheet and nonporous surface. Conventional printing inks are not suitable for printing on CT. Drying times for translucent papers are longer than for conventional printing papers, and this should be factored in to the production schedule.

Heat-Set Web: CT Clear 24#, 30# & 36# basis weights are fully qualified for heat-set web printing, and frequently used for magazine inserts, automobile catalogs, and other large web jobs. Your paper merchant may contact us to inquire about web-roll size parameters, pricing, and delivery.

Cold Set Web: CT Clear 17# has been successfully printed Cold Set Web and used as newspaper wraps. CT Clear 17# can easily be folded, creased and stapled.

Inks: CT will not absorb ink, so conventional inks must not be used to print on this specialty paper. Use hard-drying, fully-oxidizing inks, as used for printing on plastics and foils. Alternatively, UV-curing inks may be used; these will provide faster drying results than fully-oxidizing inks.

Hydroactive drying agents may be added to the ink or fountain solution, as recommended by the ink supplier, but dryers containing wax should not be used where varnish or lamination is subsequently required.

Laser: CT is suitable for use in most laser printers, but pretesting is essential, as laser printers differ in the amount of heat generated. As with all papers, performance may vary from one printer to another. While various basis weights may be used successfully, we recommend 24# and 30# for optimum toner adhesion. CT Clear Cover 105# is not recommended for laser printing. Unlike resin-impregnated translucents, our paper will not smoke or melt when laser printed; however, excess heat may cause the sheet to curl. If this occurs, stop printing until machine cools down, or adjust heat setting on laser printer.

Ink Jet: CT Clear Ink Jet  is designed for multi-color ink jet printing. Most other CT sheets are suitable for single-color ink jet printing (such as text for correspondence and invitations), with the exception of Platinum. As printers vary greatly in how they perform, we recommend you test sample sheets before ordering.

Digital: CT Clear Digital HP 30# and 48# are certified for use on HP Indigo digital presses. These papers not only have a special surface enhancement providing for better ink adhesion, they also have a one half inch printed strip on both the leading and trailing edge of the sheet to register with the optical sensors. This strip is intended to be cut off after this paper is printed.

CT is also used in other various toner based digital printers. Because digital print technology is changing so rapidly, we invite you to contact us with specific questions and requirements, and to request sample sheets for digital print tests.

Alternative Photographic Processes: CT Clear is compatible with alternative photographic processes, and especially for platinum/palladium printing using both developing-up and print-out methods. CT with platinum/palladium is an ideal pairing for archival reasons, and also because the paper renders an almost grain-free image.