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CT Envelopes

CT envelopes are wonderfully eye-catching, and boast higher-than-average response rates when used for direct mail. As with any envelope, it is essential that the size of the insert be appropriate for the envelope, and that the contents not be too thick, which could cause problems as it passes through automated postal machinery.  CT envelopes will work beautifully with single-panel and folded cards, but should not be used for multiple folded pieces, booklets or catalogs.

For every standard envelope size, there is a corresponding enclosure size that is recommended. Please be sure that your insert is neither too large (generally an insert should be ½” – ¼” smaller than the envelope, both in its width and its height), nor too small (an insert that is undersize may move around too much within the envelope, and thus cause seams to give way).

We recommend conducting a test mailing to ensure that the envelope and contents are compatible in terms of size and bulk. Sample envelopes are available for that purpose.