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CT is a line of naturally translucent vellum papers unsurpassed in clarity of formation and superior printability. Because its translucency is achieved without the use of chemical additives, CT paper folds easily with crisp clean lines, except for the new CT Clear Cover 105#, which as a pasted stock is not recommended for folding. Through precise fabrication and in combination with expert printing, CT specialty paper is perfect for a range of projects, from specialty food packaging to sleek catalogs or collateral. CT Clear is compatible with alternative photographic processes, and especially for platinum/palladium printing using both developing-up and print-out methods. CT with platinum/palladium is an ideal pairing for archival reasons, and also because the paper renders an almost grain-free image. Without printing, the CT collection can serve to enhance projects like invitations, preserving visibility for print on an underlying surface while gently softening its appearance.

The line features a variety of versatile weights and colors that can be printed beautifully on both sides. CT offers the widest range of matching translucent envelopes available anywhere -- another advantage for those seeking a unique finish to their printing project.

CT is FSC® certified. It is also recyclable, biodegradable and acid free, ensuring the conservation of the environment with every project. In addition, CT is naturally oil and grease resistant, and all of CT Clear (except CT Clear Cover 105#, CT Clear Ink Jet, and CT Clear Digital HP) is FDA approved for direct food packaging.

This translucent vellum paper is made using superfine, pristine cellulose fiber, which separates it from many conventional specialty papers. CT is compatible with a wide range of printing processes, including offset, laser, embossing, heat and cold-set web and digital. While standard CT is compatible for mono-chrome ink jet printing, CT Clear Ink Jet is made for color ink jet printing.

To find out more about CT and how it can make your next printing project outstanding, browse the tabs above or contact one of our experts here.

CT is ink jet and laser friendly

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CT Clear is FDA Approved for use in food packaging.

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CT folds easily with crisp, clean lines!

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